Penti-Con 2017 Weapons Policy 

First! The common sense part. If your weapon violates Federal or Provincial law, you will end up talking to the RCMP as well as being asked to leave the convention. If your weapon is clearly potentially harmful. You will be asked to leave it outside. So please do not try to get around regulations on technicalities.

If you display true intent to harm another person. You will be asked to leave. Please ensure that all mock battles are consensual and in an open area outside. We take no responsibility for this activity so please be careful. We want this to be a safe and fun day for everyone.
Please ensure that large props or weapons do not have sharp edges that will be a hazard in crowds. If you’re not sure on convention day, have a place near the convention to store your weapon if we say no. We will try to provide storage for unapproved weapons but this will be in areas deemed suitable by Penti-Con staff to store convention supplies. Not a specific secure room.
When you arrive be sure to check in with the weapons desk if your character is armed! They will mark your weapons approved in a cosplay friendly way. Also please be sure to store or cover weapons on your way to the convention so as not to alarm muggles unnecessarily


Clearly, No Real Guns

No replica guns with the ability to shoot projectiles.

Just glue the chamber or muzzle if you convert something

Please stop at the weapons desk and get all weapons approved, especially guns

All weapons must have orange tips to avoid confusions when moving around the convention. These may be removed for competition or photography – but must be replaced when moving around the convention.

Nerf Guns are acceptable so long as they have no darts.


Sharpened bladed weapons are not permitted

Blunted metal bladed weapons must be secured in a sheath at all times while inside the convention

Any blade made of a material more dense than light plastic replicas must be secured in the sheath at all times inside the convention.

Blunt weapons

With the popularity of Harley Quinn recently we do not want to ban baseball bats. However, these must be used appropriately and carried carefully. Be kind to others and don’t use them inappropriately.

Use common sense and bring safe, light weapons
Other Things! For competition exceptions please check with the cosplay coordinator. Any use of any weapon (approved or not) in a threatening or intimidating manner with result in contacting the RCMP and expulsion from the convention without refund.

Have fun crafting your cosplay weapons!