Andy Rae Cosplay 


Andy Rae is a costume designer from small town British Columbia, Canada. She has been cosplaying for three years and has become totally immersed in the amazing cosplay community, making so many close friends along the way. She specializes in armour and prop construction and has created several large scale armour builds using a thermoplastic material called Worbla. She is also best know for her group collaborations including the Battle Armour Disney Princesses and Sailor Scouts and the Valkyrie Eevolutions. Even though she has only been in the cosplay community for a short time, she has already won several awards for her craftsmanship and has become an international cosplayer, doing guest spots at cons all over North America.
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Sakura Elric

Sakura Elric has been cosplaying since 2008, and recently began competing in costume contests. She earned Judges Choice at AniRevo ’16 for her sparkly Syu costume from an anime called Show By Rock. Her skit group, Queens Of Idol Hell took Novice Skit at Kumoricon ’16 for their skit featuring the girls from the band Plasmagica, also from Show By Rock.With every costume she does she strives to learn something new. New challenges and figuring out how to make costumes functional while still representing the original design are what she does best. She makes the majority of her costumes and props, mostly from anime and manga, You can check out more of her work at
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Beebichu Cosplay


 Beebichu is the cosplay moniker adopted by artist Amanda Eccleston. She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree and has worked with many art mediums over the years. Her history with costumes originated in 2004 with the designing of opulent and frivolous dresses for her Vaudeville dance group. In 2012 Beebichu made her first handmade cosplay of a Nightingale from The Elder Scrolls universe and the popularity of it launched her onto the internet cosplay scene. She continues to create Elder Scrolls themed costumes and recently has been designing her own original works. In 2016 Beebichu launched Mountain Cosplay Retreat, a getaway for cosplayers and photographers. She is currently preparing for the next retreat event and working on a new costume for the spring.
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Benny G Cosplay

For over five years Benny G Cosplay has created costumes bringing his imagination to life. With no real artistic education, and only a love of costumes, he has learned how to work with many materials on his own, including his favourite EVA foam. He has competed in several costume competitions in Canada and the USA bringing home awards from conventions like Emerald City Comic Con and recently winning the masters category at his home town convention of Northern Fancon. His work has also gained traction on the Facebook group, The Replica Prop Forum, where he has had thousands of responses to his costumes due to the originality and detail within his work.
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