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Writing for Games-

Amber Scott has written for tabletop roleplaying games and video games, including Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, and White Wolf, for over a decade.
Learn her tips for breaking into the industry, building a good reputation, and behind-the-scenes info useful to a freelance writer. Or come and listen to her stories of working in a quirky and creative industry!

Cards Against Humanity – 18+

We’ve got the players but YOU get to decide who the winner of each round is!

Limited Seating.

What is it? Find out at your own risk here:


Weapon and Armor Making

Are you interested in Cosplay and always wanted to do that sweet armour you find in video games, anime, and/or movies? Then you will love this. Skyline Cosplay has been making Armour and Weapons for the past few years and wants to pass on the secrets to you! Come for a fun and informative panel, ask questions and make friends. We will talk about the ins and outs of making armour from many materials, including but not limited to EVA Foam and Worbla!

All Day Breakfast

A reading from the book by the Author, Adam Schroeder

  • Shortlisted for the ReLit Award (2016)
  • Included on the Amazon.ca Best Books of the Year So Far list, June 2015
  • The Toronto Star, March 2015 “Adam Lewis Schroeder is one of Canada’s great storytellers: engaging, witty, surprising… surprise of a book — a wild ride through zombie-land. So fasten your seatbelts for All-Day Breakfast, a long, strange trip through the deep weirdness of the American heartland…stylish zombie tale pretty well guarantees eye-popping outrageousness: All-Day Breakfast is a gross, hilarious, bacon-y pleasure.”


‘Going Viral’

A session with Camilla Courts, the mother and daughter duo that’s taken the internet by storm with their imaginative and creative cosplay photography.



Getting Involved in Fan Productions – With Mike Schmidt of Renegades: The Requiem 

Want to see more of YOUR kind of on-screen programming? Want to be part of the movie magic-making process? Want to work on a show with your favourite celebrities? In this day and age all these things are possible. What started as a crazy idea turned into an adventure to remember for me because when opportunity knocked I was prepared to answer with action! Come listen as I tell about my involvement in the Renegades’ project The Requiem with over a dozen people you may well know from Star Trek. Then let’s have an interactive discussion about other projects and opportunities available to YOU!


Intro to Competitive Cosplay – 

Have you ever wanted to enter a cosplay contest? Have you entered before but never won? Join Sakura Elric for an informative hour on the ins and outs of cosplaying competively. This panel isn’t just for beginners, so no matter what your skill level, pleased come out! Just remember one thing: always have fun!

Find Sakura Elric Cosplay here! -> https://www.facebook.com/SakuraElricCosplay/

Introduction to Dungeons & Dragons and RPGs (45 minutes)

Before there was World of Warcraft, people created characters loosely based in archetypes of high fantasy and sat around tables with sheets of paper full of statistics that represented them. They rolled oddly-shaped dice, imagined the world instead of watching it on a screen, and voice-acted their characters instead of picking from a list of pixelated responses. Come and learn what tabletop RPGs are all about and what it’s like to play them, from a local who has 30 years of gaming experience as a player, Dungeon Master, and official and unofficial website contributor.

Beyond the Dungeon: Building a Better Tabletop RPG (45 minutes)

Tired of dungeon crawling? Want a more immersive experience? Interested in creating your own worlds, or adapting your game to a more modern or futuristic setting? There are lots of ways to do that. A veteran gamer and Game Master will show you some tricks of the trade, from writing creative plots to picking theme music, to accessing a variety of online tools that make play easier for everyone. Come to get deeper into the RPG experience, or just to meet other old school gaming geeks!

The Dark Knight Returns…Again! (45 minutes)

Batman on the Silver Screen. A whirlwind overview of the Dark Knight Detective’s various cinematic incarnations, starting with Batman, a fifteen-part serial produced by Columbia Pictures in 1943, and concluding with Batman v. Superman, the apocalyptic blockbuster released by Warner Bros. in 2016.

With Professor Beaulne of Okanagan College

From Pauper to Print: The journey of self publishing

The winds of publishing are changing, filling the sails of independent authors and sending them on an adventure that ends with the greatest treasure of all – completion. Sit down with S. K. Aetherphoxx, author of Fatespinner and owner of Thoughtweft Publishing, as he shares his journey of self-publication through both tempests and treasures. Learn of the trials you will face, the hardships you will endure, and the prize that makes it all worth it in the end!

With Thoughtweft Publishing


Anime Dance/ParaPara – We would need a teacher